3 Apr

Beast Forces Monster To Cancel Race

Monster Race photo

An unfortunate series of events led to the cancellation midway through the latest Monster Race in Devon on Sunday 17 March and the fallout looks to have forced the liquidation of the organisers. With more than 200 obstacle course races (OCR) listed in the 2018 calendar, where does this leave other promoters and potential participants in this increasingly popular genre?

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14 Mar

Plog On!

A new craze has swept the running world and it brings together exercise and the environmentally-friendly in a match made in green heaven. Plogging might sound like the type of thing a plumber with some pipes to fix would do.

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21 Feb

Motion Pictures

From Chariots of Fire to Rocky, cinema has produced many memorable running scenes. runABC’s Neil Turner looks at how these scenes have inspired running events, tours and challenges around the world from Hollywood to Holyrood... 

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6 Feb

Spin Me Round

“I’m spinning around, move out of my way,” sang Kylie Minogue in reference to her newfound spinning addiction. Well, that’s one interpretation. If you’re a member of a gym, you’ve probably walked past a room full of people furiously pedalling on exercise bikes while an instructor barks orders at them. Sound appealing? OK maybe not, but as a runner, it’s certainly worthwhile. 

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31 Jan

Easy Does It

Rushing return from injury can often lead to a further spell on the side-lines. I know this, but it doesn’t mean I have followed this cautionary note enough (writes Chris Broadbent). 

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