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  • Making its mark: Milton 10K

    30 MAR

    1991 Milton 10K Road Race

    Racing has come to a standstill but North Staffordshire Road Runners Association (NSRRA) chairman Ken Rushton has devised an online quiz to while away the hours. He is taking Staffordshire runners on a trip down memory lane to reminisce about races that were headline acts but are no longer here.

  • This is a time for 'socially responsible' running

    28 MAR

    Lone female runner

    Runners are privileged. We are currently permitted, even encouraged, to continue our chosen activity during the coronavirus outbreak but it is now absolutely paramount that we do so responsibly and in a socially acceptable manner.

  • Andrew Freeman wins garden half marathon

    27 MAR

    Andrew Freeman Runs Half Marathon In His Garden

    Necessity is the mother of invention as demonstrated by Andrew Freeman who due to the cancellation of the Monsal Trail Half Marathon decided to run the distance – around his garden. The lockdown didn’t stop this runner from thinking out of the box.

  • Pooch to 5K

    26 MAR

    Canicross Runner At Bedgebury Forest

    Here’s the dilemma: you own a dog that needs his or her daily walk and you want to go for a run but the official guidelines are to only go outside once a day for exercise. The solution: go running with Rover. 

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