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  • Robin Hood 'collects' £3 million to give to the poor

    15 NOV

    elite runners at the start of Robin Hood Half

    It's the event with the famous name and the, entirely appropriate, Nottingham location. We'd be stretching a point to say they had been robbing from the rich but the better off among us having been dipping into our pockets to the tune of £3 million over the last 10 years to help Robin Hood Marathon events weekend support a myriad of good causes.

  • Athens Marathon: from laurel wreaths to 'magic' sunglasses

    14 NOV

    Athens Marathon 1896

    Athens Marathon is self described as 'The Authentic'. It could equally be dubbed 'The Original' because the point-to-point course commemorates the legendary feat of Athenian herald Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of victory in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) before expiring after uttering the immortal words: “Joy, we have won”.

  • Chilling out at new Oaklands parkrun

    14 NOV

    New Oaklands parkrun

    The West Midlands enjoyed a big parkrun day on Saturday (9 November) with the arrival of two new events. runABC Midlands reported on the new Wolverhampton event on Tuesday. The second arrival was Oaklands parkrun where Claire Martin with her four-legged friend led the way at a 'softly softly' launch.

  • Runners dive in at Coalville 10K

    13 NOV

    Waterlogged Coalville 10K

    There was an old school cross country feel to Sunday’s (10 November) Coalville 10K as runners tackled mud, water and hills in equal amounts. This was a race for anyone who liked a challenge and then some... 

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