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Focus on RunFit 24

RunEngland has made a big impact in Leicestershire and one group that is flourishing is Shepshed’s RunFit 24 ...

RunFit 24

LEICESTERSHIRE IS A real Run England hotspot.  30 odd active groups, a strong leadership development programme and various other locally-based initiatives.  One group which illustrates the progress in the county is RunFit 24. 

   Myles Gibson is the leader at the Shepshed-based group and he is delighted with the way things have shaped up since the April launch:  “It’s been a brilliant journey, one I’ve enjoyed being part of.”

   Myles continued:  “I was really encouraged when 25 people turned up for our first night.  It was billed as a 10 weeks beginners programme but even so there was a varied level of fitness among the new recruits.  However that’s what the RunEngland Leadership in Running Fitness course if all about - giving you the skills to make that kind of situation work.

   “The first few weeks saw slow progress while I assessed where everyone was and encouraged people from ‘walk-jog’ to more to sustained periods of running.  I was impressed by the level of commitment,  even in those early stages. 

   “Soon group members were using our structured Wednesday session as a basis for other runs through the week.  As fitness built and friendships grew, those other sessions became more regular and more members got involved.

   “As the programme progressed the distances we covered were extended but good organisation and consideration from the fitter runners meant that everyone stayed involved and was able to develop at their own pace.  By July those members who had turned up consistently were able to run 5k straight-off - no-stops, with the exception of a quick drinks break!   

   “At this point I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but the RunFit 24 crew left me in no doubt.  They had caught the running bug and weren’t going to stop now.  So we continued our regular Wednesday slots through August and into autumn.

   “The lady who had come along because she wanted to look good for a big wedding was continuing as was her friend who worked for a charity and had decided to run London Marathon on their behalf.  RunFit 24 set up its own Facebook page and members posted feedback about sessions, plans for weekend runs and possible races to enter.”

   When Myles took a holiday break in September the group just met as normal, decided a route and kept the show on the road.  A sure sign of a bright future for RunFit 24.

   Myles is upbeat:  “Our weekly session is now an hour long and includes 3 to 5 mile runs with hillwork (Shepshed is rural but not flat!), and intervals added for variety.  The April beginners have now morphed into an enthusiastic intermediate group with aspirations to go further.  But to go forward at their own pace and in their own way - I think the RunFit 24 crew has flourished because we have created a mutually supportive environment where people have felt comfortable and had fun as they’ve improved their fitness.

   “The group is now planning a big turnout at the Santa Fun Run in Loughborough and looking forward to welcoming a new bunch of beginners in spring 2015.  The future is looking bright for RunFit 24.”

   If you would like to know more RunFit 24 call Myles Gibson on 07547335403.


Article featured in Midlands Running Guide Winter 2014/2015


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