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Malvern Hills

The beautiful landscapes of Worcestershire inspired composer Edward Elgar to write music like ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ and it’s having a similarly inspirational effect on the county’s runners...

With the exception of its north-east corner which is part of the Birmingham conurbation, Worcestershire is largely rural with a geography dominated by the Malvern Hills - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which run from the south of the county into Herefordshire.  The rest of the county consists of undulating hills and farmland stretching either side of the Severn valley.

The geography of the county is reflected in its general life.  And its running scene where well-organised clubs provide a focus for local activity.  See our profile of Malvern Joggers and check out our online club list to find out more.  Great events like the Blakedown Bolt, the Vale of Evesham 10K, the exquisitely named Timberhonger 10K and many others showcase Worcestershire’s rural charms.

The other pieces in the Worcestershire running jigsaw are the usual ones - two popular Saturday morning 5k parkruns at Worcester and Redditch; Race for Life events in those towns too; the Worcestershire AAA which, as well as track and field, supports a cross country championship event, a midweek 10k series plus a separate 10k and half marathon championship.

Opportunities for beginners are excellent but mostly come through the established clubs like Black Pear Joggers and Malvern Joggers - these names are indicative of an inclusive approach - rather than RunEngland which has yet to become active in Worcestershire.  The exception to that is in Redditch and Bromsgrove where the local council has been hugely pro-active - read our group profile to see what we mean.

And the future?  One interesting development is the arrival of ‘big time’ events with the launch in autumn 2014 of the Worcester City Run Bike Run (incorporating the Worcester City 10K).  This event is being organised by Steve Cram’s company and the former World record holder will bring a welcomed sprinkle of cosmopolitan glamour.


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