7 Apr

BHF Marathon Campaign To Improve UK Fitness

lady running in the early morning sunshine

An alarming set of figures about the UK’s lack of fitness has led to a new fundraising campaign from British Heart Foundation (BHF). Called MyMarathon, this month-long event is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who can complete the challenge in their
own time and place. 
The BHF is urging the UK to lace up its trainers with the launch of its MyMarathon challenge in May. This challenge is a response to statistics published by market research company, OnePoll, who found that nearly half of all respondents admitted they would be out of breath if they ran for a bus. 

One Poll conducted an online survey of 2,000 people aged 18+ from across the UK between the 3-8 February.  In the East Midlands region alone, over a third of people stated the last time they ran a mile was more than 10 years ago. A slightly larger number of adults admitted to being able to run half a mile but only 1 in 5 said they could manage 100 metres.

The BHF expressed concern about these statistics citing a lack of physical activity as one of several risk factors for heart disease. They hope their MyMarathon challenge will inspire people who have not exercised for some time to start running.

“Running a marathon is no easy feat but with the MyMarathon challenge you decide the place and the pace”, said Christopher Allen, senior cardiac nurse at BHF.

With a month to complete the distance, this achievable challenge is one of several ways people can get fit and ‘heart healthy’ whilst supporting the work of the BHF.  For more information or sign up now visit the BHF website

Photo courtesy of The British Heart Foundation.