25 Aug

Dull and Boring Marathon

Boring sign

'Challenging', 'tiring', and 'satisfying' are just a few words runners would use to describe a marathon, but the word 'boring' is rarely uttered. Except, that is, when it comes to a new event in the US state of Oregon …

The inaugural Boring Marathon takes place on 14 September and, rather than being a reflection of the excitement at the race, refers to the town's name. Runners from the equally mundane-sounding Scottish town of Dull are being offered free entry to the event on account of the two places having been twinned since 2012. Since their association, 9 August has been declared Boring and Dull Day in Oregon to celebrate the pairing of the two yawn-inducing towns.

Boring Marathon also features the Half-Boring Half-Marathon and Near Boring 8K. The marathon and half marathon follow routes into beautiful Boring, Oregon. The marathon continues onto the Springwater Trail before turning around at the halfway point and returning to the high school. The Half-Boring Half gets halfway into Boring and turns around, so it only goes through half of Boring. The Near Boring 8K doesn't actually run to Boring, just near to the town, hence the name.

Race director Mike Strobel says of Boring Marathon: "Expected the unexpected. We are having great fun planning this and it should be a historic (and exciting) event for Boring. We want folks to have fun, and enjoy running and walking in an extremely beautiful part of Oregon."

He is asking the faster finishers to stay and help present medals to other runners after the race: "Handing out medals to our fellow races would be a great tradition to start and a way to give back."

For more information, visit the event website.