19 Apr

Brits To Run Iceland

Brothers IcelandBrothers Scott and Rhys Jenkins are attempting to run across Iceland with friends Lawrence Cronk and Charl Bloxham for Cancer Research UK. The group are aiming to run 260 miles in five days, equating to 54 miles a day. 

The Jenkin brothers have undertaken similar tasks in the past, including the Death Valley Double. The challenge will see the quartet contend with volcanoes, mountains, glaciers and Europe's most powerful waterfall. They chose to run for Cancer Research UK as each member of the group knows someone who has been affected by the disease. They are also raising money for the Kidney Wales Foundation as Charl has a friend who suffers from polycystic kidney disease.

Charl Bloxham is 22 and an investigation officer. The furthest she had run prior to the run was 18 miles at the start of April. Lawrence is a fitness manager and endurance coach at Enduraprep, who devised the training plan for the runners for the Run Iceland challenge. Lawrence is 29 and represents GB as an age group athlete in the European and World Triathlon Championships and has done since 2014. 

You can donate to the Run Iceland challenge here or here.