27 Jun

Doug Richards Magnificent Seven

Doug Richards

Redditch’s Doug Richards continues his running adventures with one of his most ambitious projects to date. His goal is to run a half marathon on seven continents and he has completed five so far.  

A silver prize winner at the 2016 Running Awards, the author of ‘Running Hot & Cold’ will be going Down Under next month (29 July) to run a half marathon near Ayers Rock in the Australian Outback. This will be his sixth continent with a few additional runs planned in Sydney and Brisbane plus one in Invercargill, New Zealand. Doug will use these as an opportunity to renew his acquaintance with friends he has met during previous running adventures.
His seven continents project will finish in March 2018 with a half marathon in Antarctica. It is the coldest, highest and windiest continent and is virtually uninhabited apart from research stations, adding another layer of difficulty to his challenge. However, Doug has run marathons in extreme environments including Greenland’s polar ice cap so is familiar with the temperatures and the terrain. 
Doug will have another reason to celebrate in 2018 as he turns 70. All being well, the completion of this project will be a memorable way to mark both these achievements as well as fundraising for Midlands Air Ambulance. He has raised over £2,300 during the last three years and is a keen supporter of this charity and the life-saving work they do. 
This Run England Group Leader and parkrun stalwart has motivated people to take up the sport irrespective of age or abilities and continues to inspire through his series of talks across the region. He welcomes support from Midlands-based groups or individuals.
For more information, visit his online fundraising page.  
Photo courtesy Doug Richards