25 Oct

Fright Night

Runners in halloween costumes

Halloween has become one of the UK’s most popular running dates with scores of events taking place on or around 31 October. ‘Zombie Runs’, ‘Fright Nights’ and ‘Ghost Runs’ have established themselves as regular fixtures on the running calendar.

The Autumnal date offers runners the chance to dress up and often a rare opportunity to race at night. Given the nocturnal nature of Halloween it’s only fitting that several of the themed events choose the evening for their start time.

As runners, we have become all too used to Sunday morning as the almost universal time to race. At least until parkrun broke the mould - in more ways than just its Saturday morning slot. But night-time runs are a rare treat for fun runners on roads or trail.

And yet, there is something really thrilling about racing at night time. It’s something out of the norm, something that only the athletes on telly ever seem to get the chance to do.

I’m sure there are very few runners taking part in a Halloween themed event who are on the lookout for a PB time. Though, if they have a particularly aggressive Zombie on their tail, then who knows? There is still something a little special about the atmosphere of an evening event.

My own choice is a Saturday evening forest event which should add even more spookiness to the event atmosphere.  

Wherever you choose to run this Halloween, we hope you have a fright-fully good time!