17 Jan

Going Ape For Oswestry Half Marathon Medal

Spoon Gorilla Used To Design Medal For Inaugural Oswestry Half Marathon

A hand-sculpted gorilla medal for the new Oswestry Half Marathon is certain to be a sure-fire winner at the Shropshire race which takes place at the British Ironworks Sculpture Park, Oswestry, home to the famous Spoon Gorilla. This aptly named piece was built for the illusionist Uri Geller from thousands of donated spoons – a reference to his psychic demonstrations on television in the 1970’s.
The giant silverback is not the only animal on show as the sculpture park contains wildebeest, zebras, elephants and giraffes, and a pack of colourful gorillas for runners to gaze at in the first 1K of the race. 
The route proceeds through the border town of Oswestry known for its English and Welsh ancestry. There is a testing climb between miles 6 and 7 followed by a long downhill stretch to the finish within the sculpture park. 
This is the second half marathon to be organised by UKRunChat Events who hosted the successful Shrewsbury Half Marathon in June 2016. They hope to emulate that success with this bespoke medal contributing towards it. 
It is hand-made by a top British sculptor, Joe Bailey, who has worked at Wedgwood and other well-known companies in the industry. Based on the 4-metre high spoon gorilla, this medal will have pride of place in any runner’s collection. 
A view confirmed by Clive Knowles of the British Ironwork Centre who said: “When it is finished it will be very bling and one of the most sought after medals in the 2017 calendar.”
The Oswestry Half Marathon starts at 9.30am on Sunday 30 April. 
For more information, visit the event website.
Photo courtesy of UKRunChat.