30 Jan

GoodGym Goes From Strength To Strength

The GoodGym team get together

GoodGym, recognised at the 2016 Running Awards, has surpassed 42,000 'good deeds' with the aim of completing 300,000 helpful tasks by 2020.

The fast-growing community of runners combines getting fit with good deeds as part of their run. GoodGym launched in 2009 and has now seen 5,000 GoodGymers complete good deeds. Members swap treadmills for runs to visit isolated older people in their area, rowing machines for digging community gardens and weight lifting for clearing derelict land. There are now 27 active Good Gym groups across the country with 79 either starting soon or proposed.

Good deeds have included:

  • Organising the distribution of unwanted food from supermarkets to school breakfast clubs, homeless shelters and recovery centres;
  • Trimming a hedge that was preventing visibility from Mrs P’s kitchen window;
  • Giving the London Adventure Playground a refreshing makeover…  just in time for summer planting of 1,500 bulbs;
  • Clearing ivy from gravestones at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park;
  • Landscaping and composting at the Heeley City Farm in Sheffield.

Find out more about a group near you at the GoodGym website.