26 Jun

Get In The Zone At HQrecon

A new event where ‘the smart can outcompete the fast’ is launching this year following several ‘secret’ trials. The military-inspired HQrecon will take place at Charlton Park, Wiltshire, and Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, in September this year.

The races are designed to test both physical fitness and mental agility, with skill and a sensible strategy just as important to your success, if not more so, than physical fitness.

The aim is to infiltrate as many ‘zones’ as possible within a 3.5 hour time limit, to collect intelligence codes located within each zone. Each code collected equals points, however, ‘the hunters’ – professionally trained security personnel – are out to get you… get caught in a zone and you lose your points and are sentenced to a time penalty in the form of an energy-sapping 15 minute military-style circuit training session lead by an ex Royal Marine.

If a code is successfully collected, competitors can then choose to go straight on to their next zone (automatically allocated via a keypad at the zone entry point), or go back to base to bank the points. Going back to base takes time and energy, but if the hunters track you down before you bank, then all the points earned so far will be lost.

Participants therefore must pick their strategy; visit more zones in quick succession to collect more codes, or head back to base to protect the hard won points already accumulated. Base camp is located roughly 1.5km – 2km away from each zone, so safety versus time is a significant consideration to take.

On average, each competitor will cover in the region of 10 – 12k during a HQrecon, or up to 20k in the HQrecon + (a longer version of the game, with more zones to infiltrate, points to collect and  money to be won).

The first HQrecon will take place at Charlton Park in Wiltshire on Saturday 6 September. The second event will be held at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire on Saturday 27 September. Both locations offer stunning scenery, breath-taking woodland and extensive acreage - perfect settings in which to run HQrecon.

Tickets start from £69 per person. To find out more go to the event website.