18 Aug

Hunt And Run At Headington Hill

Hunt For Prizes At The Headington Hill Challenge

Up & Running Oxford is launching a unique event that is free to enter and promises to be fun. It is a treasure hunt with a difference… Mention the words ‘treasure hunt’ to anyone who remembers the 80’s and this will conjure up images of the popular game show with Anneka Rice. This scavenger type event is similar, requiring people to find items hidden around Headington Hill and Headington Hill Parks.

The inaugural Headington Hill Challenge takes place on Monday 5 September and starts at 6pm from Up & Running Oxford. This is the first major event the store has hosted and they hope the format and the prizes on offer will attract a wide range of people. Their aim is to make this the store’s biggest ever event. 
This challenge is suitable for all abilities: for people new to physical activity as well as regular runners and gym goers who want a break from the norm. All of which will take place in a friendly environment with an emphasis on inclusiveness and teamwork rather than individual competition. 
The organisers will place a series of clues up and down Headington Hill that require teams to solve the answers and find prizes hidden around the area. On this occasion, brains rather than brawn will be called for so it may not be the fittest or the fastest who becomes the Headington Hill Champion. 
Photo courtesy of Up & Running Oxford