14 Jun

It Pays To Volunteer

VolunteersThe satisfaction of helping others is usually considered ample reward for volunteers according to most race organisers. Not those involved with the PK Group Chesterfield and Derbyshire Marathon on 20 September, though. The event’s organisers have announced a scheme that ensures race volunteers will receive a share of profits raised.

The Volunteer Share Scheme will allow organisations to collect ‘shares’ in the race day profits, with every volunteer that an organisation puts forward equalling one share.Once all the money raised by the Marathon is collected, 25 per cent of the final profits will be split amongst the organisations using the ‘shares’ that have been created by volunteers. Each organisation’s amount will be determined by the amount of shares they have.
Mike Hyman, co-founder of Kids n Cancer UK and organiser of the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Marathon, explains: “Our volunteers provide us with invaluable support in the lead up to and on race day. Volunteering at an event of this scale is extremely rewarding and is a fantastic way for people to get involved who want to show their support but are not actually taking part in the race itself.
“We hope that the Volunteer Share Scheme will give charities and organisations further incentive to get involved in the marathon and it means that, whatever their size, they can get something back in return. We are looking forward to seeing lots of kind-hearted people there helping us and their chosen causes.”
For this and more information about the Volunteer Share Scheme, or to sign up as a runner in the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Marathon, visit the event website.