29 Sep

Leamington parkrun Mrs Doyle Goes On To 250

Leamington parkrun celebrates Mrs Doyle's 250th event

Saturday 24 Sept saw Leamington parkrun celebrate Mrs Doyle’s 250th stint as a volunteer. Mrs Doyle, or to use her real name Kate Jackson, is considered the face of Leamington parkrun due to her selfless commitment and not least of all, the fact she makes a very good cup of tea!

She sums up everything positive about parkrun; the friendship, camaraderie and support for all whatever the level of ability. The first to arrive and the last to leave every Saturday morning, this altruistic lady is immensely popular with everyone at Leamington. 
Their 287th parkrun was held in honour of ‘Mrs Doyle’, to thank her for her hard work and refreshments that are the highlight of these weekly events. 30 members turned up to the event as her identical sisters wearing ‘Mrs Doyle’ masks for the occasion. Some opted to run whereas others marshalled or scanned barcodes, all of whom were keen to pay tribute to this Leamington parkrun legend. 
One comment summed up Kate Jackson's contribution perfectly: “every parkrun should have a Mrs Doyle.”
Photo courtesy of Leamington parkrun.