5 Mar

Liam Plans Viking Raid On Winchester Cathedral

Liam Peltell dressed as a Viking

In an interesting historical twist, Lincoln man Liam Peltell is planning to run the 2016 Race to the King dressed as a Viking in heavyweight chainmail. Race to the King is the 52 mile ultra challenge that takes participants from Arundel in Sussex to Winchester Cathedral.

The irony of Liam's Viking theme is that the cathedral is the burial place of the earliest kings of England who had more then their fair share of problems with marauding Norsemen. 25-year-old Liam is hoping that the extreme test will help him raise £10,000 for Save the Children.

Race to the King is the fully supported, ultra along the South Downs Way which can be run, jogged or walked non-stop or over the weekend. The route celebrates England’s rich history with stunning scenery and views across the southern counties out to sea.

Liam has been inspired by Tony 'The Fridge' Morrison (who has raised over £100,000 for charity running with a fridge on his back). His training involves three or four runs a week with the occasional hill sprint session. He is trying to build strength in his shoulders, through boxing and circuits, so he can carry the weight of the 18kg costume.

“Running in chainmail is not comfortable,” Liam says. “But there is something about becoming the Viking version of myself that makes me forget about everyday problems and focus on running, so it’s very therapeutic.

“Other runners think I’m crazy and spectators are great – I always get lots of cheers and encouragement. I think I probably ran an extra half kilometre at the last Lincoln 10K just to make sure I high-fived as many of the kids holding their hands out as I could."

More details of the double marathon Race to the King on 25-26 June at the event website.