12 Jan

Be Prepared At Marathon Training Event

Race organiserAre you are preparing to run a spring marathon this year, be it in London, Paris, Rotterdam, Zurich, Hamburg, Madrid or Boston? If so, the Marathon Preparation Race on 3 April makes for ideal – you guessed it – preparation.

Many marathon training programs suggest runners complete a 20-mile run three weeks before the race they are training for. As London Marathon is the biggest spring marathon, The Race Organiser has arranged this year's event to take place in Dorney Lake, Windsor, three weeks before London Marathon on 5 April.
Running coaches and training programmes recommend that runners participate in a few races before a marathon as organised races are a good way to complete long runs on a measured course. They also help make runners feel comfortable in a race situation – allowing them to get used to running with a crowd, fetching water from a water table, and learning how to pace themselves in a competitive environment. The Marathon Preparation Race is designed to replicate marathon conditions and help runners get though the last and usually hardest training run – the 20 miler.  

The race is chip timed so that participants can have an accurate indication of their marathon race pace. Participants are released in waves linked to their marathon pace, helping to ensure participants are running with people aiming for the same pace on marathon day. Pacers will help participants to maintain that pace for the full 20 miles. Drinks stations are set out every two miles with both energy drinks and water to help the participants complete the distance.

For more information, visit the event website.