12 Jul

Mission Mudder To Debut On Sky Mix

A new television series, Mission Mudder, following six British Olympians as they train for Tough Mudder events is to debut on Sky Sports Mix next week (Tuesday 18 July at 7pm). Throughout the series, the Olympians will take on three events from the obstacle race series.

Those events will be Tough Mudder Half – a five-mile mud and obstacle course event featuring more than a dozen obstacles in the warm climate of the California desert; Tough Mudder Full - a 10-12-mile challenge featuring 20+ obstacles designed to test physical strength, mental grit and teamwork; and Europe’s Toughest Mudder – a gruelling eight-hour, overnight race in which participants and teams continuously run a looped five-mile course.

The Olympians involved are:

  • Perri Shakes-Drayton (Istanbul 2012 world indoor champion for the 4x400-Meter Relay and Gothenburg 2013 indoor champion for the 400-Meter Relay)
  • Jade Jones (London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic gold medallist for Taekwondo)
  • Jess Varnish (track cyclist who competed in the London 2012 Olympics Games and member of the record-holding European sprint championship team, and bronze medalist for the World Championships for the 500 Meter Relay)
  • Aimee Fuller (snowboarder who competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and is set to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games)
  • Ashley McKenzie (member of the London 2012 Team GB judo team, McKenzie took home the 2014 gold medal during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the 2015 silver medal at the Russian Grand Slam, and the 2016 bronze medal during the Azerbaijan Grand Slam)
  • Anthony Fowler (boxer at 2016 Olympics, became 2013 middleweight bronze medallist at the World Championships Almaty and the 2014 middleweight gold medallist at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games)

Mission Mudder will explore the athletes’ personal stories, their physical and mental preparation for the demanding events and the trials of working together to conquer an array of Tough Mudder events.