25 Jun

Name Your Top Sporting Destination

Kielder Marathon The national tourist board has launched a quest to find the country’s top sporting destination and has asked the public to send in their nominations. In its first week, the campaign has drawn in over 200 nominations from across the country, with running events, such as the stunning Kielder Marathon, among those selected. 

By submitting an image of their home of sport, enthusiasts can help to decide the country’s leading and most popular destination. For those who believe they have the greatest sporting location at their doorstep, or have competed in a memorable race, upload a picture to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #HomeOfSport with a snappy sentence on why it’s the best sporting destination in England.

VisitEngland’s Chief Executive, James Berresford, says: “As the birthplace of rugby, football, cricket, punting and the modern Olympic Games, the home of iconic venues such as Old Trafford, Wimbledon and Aintree. Our  green and pleasant land provides jaw-dropping backdrops to a whole host of popular pursuits, from hiking and running to abseiling and coasteering, making the search literally country-wide.”

Entries close at midnight on 31 August, after which an expert panel will work through the nominations to establish a shortlist of sporting hubs. The shortlist will open to public vote on 16 September, with the destination that receives the highest number of votes announced as England’s Home of Sport on 23 October. Criteria for the winning destination will include: breadth of sporting experiences, diverse and beautiful backdrops and interesting sports trivia or claims to fame.

More information is available here