20 Aug

Running like clockwork at new Wirral 24

Runners Start At New Wirral 24

There were plenty of smiles along with miles at the inaugural Wirral 24 Hour. A small yet keen group of runners including this correspondent lapped it up at the weekend (Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 August). 

The song 'Let’s Go Round Again' by the Average White Band was an apt choice at this new race from Time2Run Events UK. It was part of a playlist that kept everyone going as they completed 5k laps along the popular Wirral Way, beginning at 12 noon Saturday and finishing at 12 noon Sunday.
Pre-race there were a few changes to the event, namely the course – from a single loop to an out and back route. The organisers also took care of runners’ needs by providing free drinks and a BBQ throughout the race. They also offered free ice lollies from their own ice cream van that was especially welcome in the warm weather.
This event had the following options: solo from 5K to 24 hour, pairs, team of four and team of eight. There was a strong sense of camaraderie between the runners irrespective of distance who gave each other a ‘thumbs up’, high-five or encouraging words as they passed. Not forgetting the Time2Run team and their continual support.
Non-stop running by Nathalie Rees of Chester Road Runners saw her win the solo category with 30 laps in 23:04:18. Craig Mitchley was the winning man with 30 laps in 23:34:46 and 2nd overall. 
We Thought This Was A 5K won the pairs with 29 laps in 23:55:23.
The Brown Cows were the winning team of four with 48 laps in 23:50:40.
Wirral Striders were the winning team of eight with 61 laps in 23:48:48.
It was a memorable weekend and let’s do it all again next year. 
Image courtesy of Daniel Taylor.