2 Jul

Colourful 5K Set For Oxford

Run or Dye logo

The colour themed 5k event Run or Dye will partner with Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary to bring the event to Oxford’s beautiful Cornbury Park on 26 September. Bringing the explosion of Run or Dye colour to the most ancient forest in Britain for the first time, runners can take on the 5k, getting fit and experiencing a unique and one of a kind day out.

Volunteers from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary will be on hand helping to fill the day with colour for every participant. Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary provides abandoned animals with a second chance and a refuge for animals who have been mistreated, neglected, or abandoned and for those whose owners are no longer able or willing to care for them. At any one time the Sanctuary can be looking after several hundred animals.

Phoebe Stewart Cox, fundraiser from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary comments: “Run or Dye is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Sanctuary and a brilliant way to bring colour into our fundraising. We’re looking forward to the event at Cornbury Park and our partnership with the Run or Dye.”

Hundreds have already entered into Oxford Run or Dye with participants encouraged to run, jog or walk to the finish line, getting covered head-to-toe in colour as they go. Four Dye Zones throughout the route will ensure there’s no getting away from the all-encompassing colour.

To find out more, visit the Run or Dye website.