22 Aug

Park and Run At Hednesford

Launch of free event - Hednesford ParkFit

It was a chance for mere mortals to emulate their Olympic heroes with the launch of a new community jog (or walk) around the revamped Hednesford Park in Cannock. 

Called ‘ParkFit’, this free event aims to encourage families to get active whilst enjoying the attractive surroundings of Hednesford Park. The emphasis is on fun with the added attraction of a theme, tempting parents as well as kids to dress up and enter into the spirit of things. 
ParkFit will take place on the third Sunday of each month with participants following an 800-metre, tree-lined route in a non-competitive environment. The organisers hope to attract people who are new to running as well as those who have not exercised for some time. 
It is ideally suited to busy families as a way of having some quality time together and with the additional bonus of being free. This is always a vote winner in the school holidays, an expensive time for many families. It is organised by Staffordshire Athletics Network with support and help from The Friends of Hednesford Park.  
ParkFit Olympic opened yesterday (Sunday 21) with a 9.30am start from the Pavilion. Parents and children dressed up as their favourite sports person with volunteers joining in, marshalling in mascot costumes. 
Ian Harrison and his son Zane were awarded a trophy for the best dressed in the theme of the Olympics, running as Paula Radcliffe and Andy Murray. 
The next ParkFit takes place on Sunday 18 September. For more information, visit the Hednesford ParkFit Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Friends of Hednesford Park.