24 Mar

Red Flag For 2016 Grand Prix Series

runners at the Leeds Abbey dash

runbritain has cancelled its Grand Prix Series due to a lack of interest. The series encompassed Reading Half, London 10,000, Bristol 10K, Cardiff 10K, Cardiff Half and Leeds Abbey Dash, has been cancelled for 2016. The decision was made because the events were only being targeted by a small number of runners who were in contention for the prize money.

Competitors were required to take part in four or more of the six races to be eligible; in 2015, only 37 runners met the requirement for the Grand Prix, with runbritain anticipating a number close to 100.

Geoff Wightman, managing director of runbritain, comments: “It looked as though it was only being prioritised by those at or near the prize money, which went down to 12th place for both men and women and totalled £18,800. Our expectation was for much closer to 100 British men and women to be contesting four out of six races by the end of our fifth year so we haven’t co-ordinated a grand prix format for 2016.”