11 May

Reformed Rory Set For Marathon 925 At Bristol + Bath

Rory Coleman in action

Two decades into a reformed lifestyle based around running Rory Coleman has chosen the new  Bristol + Bath Marathon on Sunday 25 October for his 925th marathon. The 53-year-old personal trainer from Cardiff turned his life around at the age of 31 following a first run that left him totally out of breath after just 100 metres.  At that point Rory was overweight, smoked 40 cigarettes a day and was a heavy drinker.

Rory takes up the story:  "I was appalled at the state of my body on that first run. But for the next three months I was motivated by my dream. I stuck to my goals, stopped smoking, gradually increased my exercise regime and controlled my diet. In just three months I had lost three stone and was able to run a half marathon in under two hours! It was safe to say I was hooked.
“I went on to run London Marathon, an ultra marathon, John O'Groats to Lands’ End, a 1,000 mile challenge, a 600-mile route connecting the grounds of the Premier League football clubs and 1,275 miles from London to Lisbon to name just a few! I had found a new purpose in my life and I have experienced the most amazing adventures along the way.
“I now have a Diploma in Personal Training, but I find my experience is the key to the success of my performance coaching. I wasn’t born an elite athlete but have learned how to maximise my potential and now want to share that with others.”
You can join Rory at the inaugural Bristol + Bath Marathon on Sunday, 25 October and work towards achieving your own fitness goals. Visit the event website to find out more.