22 Jul

Run And Repeat As Necessary

Runners Doing Laps At The Summer Round The Reservoir Marathon

‘Let’s go round again’ is the theme for this weekend’s races involving multiple loops, night time running and a good deal of fortitude! It’s all about the laps.

We may have fewer events this weekend but those taking place are a true test of mind and body. For anyone used to running laps on an athletics track, these are a reminder of that; however, the difference is that they are about endurance rather than speed. 
Saturday (23 July) is Day 1 of the Summer Around The Reservoir Marathon with the option to ‘do the double’ and run the same marathon the following day. Organised by Madeyarun, the event requires participants to complete six laps on a trail around the Brackmills Reservoir giving them 26.2 miles or a marathon in total. It starts at 9am and has a 6-hour time limit. 
For the night owls, there is the inaugural Insomnia 24. This is an off-road, 24-hour event at Cattows Farm in The National Forest, Leicestershire. Runners enter as a solo, pairs or teams of 3-8, aiming to complete as many 10k laps as possible. It’s organised by Go Ultra Events with support and provisions from The Derby Runner and all finishers will receive a goody bag containing a bespoke medal, technical T-shirt and various other treats. 
On Sunday (24 July), we have Day 2 of the Summer Around The Reservoir Marathon. Runners have the choice of running a single marathon on Saturday or Sunday or both marathons. The start and finish is at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Northampton, also the site for the main checkpoint. 
Every marathon finisher will receive a medal. 
Finally, another 24-hour event this weekend is the Conti Thunder Run in Staffordshire. 
For more information, visit the race listings section on the website. 
Photo courtesy of Madeyarun.