20 Jul

Runners Invited To Find Their Signature Style

Brooks Unveils Innovative Gait Analysis System For Runners

Finding the right running shoe is the Holy Grail but Brooks has the answer with their Run Signature range. It's where form comes before function and experience is what matters!

Global running shoe manufacturer Brooks is bringing its state of the art gait analysis system to Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire. This personalised movement system known as Run Signature will make its debut at Running Form sports shop on Friday 22 July. It invites runners to learn more about the way they run before using this information to match them with their dream shoe. 
Runners choose a shoe from four categories based on the type of experience they wish to have: speed, cushioning, responsiveness and weight.  
This system promises to revolutionise the running shoe industry; moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ style where the emphasis has been on encouraging runners to move in a certain way irrespective of their individual biomechanics. Instead, the focus is on identifying a runner’s individual form by adopting a holistic approach where they understand all aspects of the body. 
Brooks has been working with leading footwear researchers to gain a greater understanding about running styles and the various factors that influence it. These include age, gender, injury history, mileage and number of years running. The study shows that movement patterns differ from one runner to another and it's these natural characteristics that have influenced this gait analysis.
They hope to improve performance and comfort whilst reducing injury rates, which continue to rise despite technological advances. 
Spaces are limited at this one-day event and booking is essential. Contact Running Form for more details.
Photo courtesy of Running Form.