27 Dec

Runners Wanted For Hydration Survey

Ridgeway Relay

Racing is thirsty work but how much do you know about hydration and what your intake should be? Test your knowledge in this survey from Loughborough University. 

Benjamin Boxer from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences is conducting a survey investigating the fluid intake regimes of runners who take part in 10Ks and above. The goal of this study is to improve understanding of how runners manage their fluid intake and their familiarity with medical conditions such as dehydration and overhydration.
These conditions occur when a runner consumes too little or too much fluid during an event such as a marathon. As the numbers of people who take part in endurance events continues to grow it is vitally important that runners have an appropriate hydration strategy in place that maximises their safety and performance.  
The results of this survey will inform future educational material dealing with this subject with the aim of reducing the likelihood of dehydration (drinking too little) or overhydration (drinking too much) during races. Both of these conditions are preventable WHEN a runner understands what their appropriate fluid intake is. 
The Loughborough survey needs runners of all ages and abilities who have completed a 10k or above on any terrain to complete a short questionnaire. This study is supervised by Dr Stephen Mears, lecturer in Sports and Exercise Nutrition who sits on the research board of the International Institute for Race Medicine and includes medical directors from New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Twin Cities. The results and findings will be shared once all the data has been collected and analysed. 
If you wish to take part, here is a link to the hydration survey
Photo by Barry Cornelius