11 Aug

Running Commentary On Historical Marathon Route

Runners Passing Hot Spots On Robin Hood Marathon Route

The Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon takes place in Nottingham, a city more commonly associated with the legendary outlaw. However, the green suited archer is not the only interesting feature...  

Runners will pass several hot spots along the new 2016 routes, including iconic landmarks that were a particular favourite with last year’s entrants. 
Two miles into the race is the oldest pub in Britain, Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem. At the same distance is Standard Hill, named after Charles I planted his banner signalling the start of the English Civil War.  
Raleigh Bikes were produced in Nottingham and enjoyed a reputation for quality of craftsmanship. The route takes runners past the site of the cycle factories at mile 4. At mile 6 is Wollaton Hall with its attractive grounds and deer park, used as a location in the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.
The route continues to mile 8 and past the eco-friendly Jubilee campus, part of the University of Nottingham that has won several architecture awards for its green credentials.  
In reference to the city’s favourite son, there is the 11th century Nottingham Castle at, rather appropriately, mile 11. It was home to Prince John, amongst many others and used by the Sheriff of Nottingham as a criminal court. 
Community partner Notts County FC is located at mile 13 – near the end of the half marathon route and the halfway point for the full marathon. 
Finally, at mile 26 is the well-known Trent Bridge, built by the son of Alfred the Great in the 10th century. Then a 21st century finish at the Victoria Embankment Recreation Ground. 
Entries still open for the Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon. Visit the website for more details. 

Photo courtesy of Promote PR.