26 Mar

Hello, Dolly! Fancy A Run?

Running dollA running doll has become the must-have accessory for aspiring children runners. 'Runner Girl' Ella is part of a range of sport-themed dolls developed by Jodi Norgaard, founder of Dream Big Toy Company. 

While working with young girls as a running coach, Jodi spotted a gap in the doll market. She explains: “I realised that there was a need for a positive doll for girls that would be age appropriate, proportioned properly, and that would send a positive message about a healthy life – physically and emotional through sports.”
Ella has her own personality traits. She enjoys running fast and she stretches and wears sunscreen. She also eats healthy snacks such as bananas and cross-trains by riding her bike. A message embroidered on her stomach says dream big, run fast'.
There is an accompanying book for each doll, which is sold separately. Ella’s story features her starting her own dog-running business. It allows children to learn how Ella manages to stay fit and also teaches some fun facts about running.
Jodi says the company plans to expand the line: “Our next step is to write additional books to go along with the dolls. We would like to offer books to younger girls, as well a second book for Soccer Girl and a new book for Basketball Girl. We are also adding a Go! Go! Sports Girls mobile applications that will be available in July.”
For more information, visit the Dream Big Toy Company website.