30 Sep

Sichel Celebrates Ultra Century

William Sichel trainingWilliam Sichel made the journey to the Swiss town of Brugg last Saturday (24 September) to compete in the 100th ultra marathon of his prolific career. Sichel ensured that the milestone would be a memorable one and placed second overall, covering just over 194km in the space of 24 hours. 

The race, located near Zurich, saw Sichel compete alongside 32 others for the duration of 24 hours. It arrived shortly after the athlete’s participation at the Clan 24 Hour Track Challenge in Kirkwall and the infamous Comrades Marathon.

Sichel, 62, looked in great shape, and secured second place behind Kenji Okiyama, who completed an impressive 207km. Since competing in his first event in the Isle of Man in 1994, Sichel has now covered almost 20,000 miles in races alone. 

Reflecting on his career and the significance of the milestone, Sichel commented: “It’s been an amazing 22 year journey of self-discovery and gradual improvement as I built up my knowledge and experience of this type of running.

“Over the years I have always been willing to stretch my limits by attempting ever longer races. The longer they got the more successful I became. Currently my wins have covered races from 100km up to 8 days in length.”