21 Nov

Staying Power At Survive 12

runners at the start of the inaugural Survive 12

Survive 12 (Saturday 19 November) opened with these words from the race director: “you’re here for a long time”… These motivational words were said at the race briefing where 40 runners waited on a very cold morning with 12 hours of running ahead of them.

Survive 12 is a new event for Just Racing UK, an experienced sports event company based in Northampton who organise triathlon, cycling and running events. Set in the picturesque surroundings of Irchester Country Park, this challenge was to run multiple laps of a five mile, off-road course within 12 hours. The event started at 11am and finished at 11pm when heavy rain moved in a couple of hours before the finish. 
runABC Midlands correspondent Jane Holt was amongst the runners, taking part in the mixed pairs category. She and her partner Charles Larsson ran 13 laps between them and were impressed with the race director, his team and support services who staged a friendly, well-organised event. 
She said: “The race director did a great job of keeping everyone’s spirits going and the marshals were brilliant! There was a good camaraderie between the runners and the event went well from start to finish.” 
Karl Doy won the solo male category with 14 laps. Emma Tuck won the solo female category with 11 laps. 'Team Donkey & Elmo' won with mixed pairs category with 17 laps. 'Team NoWussingOut' won the pairs male category with 16 laps. 'Team Polish Wolves v2' won the pairs female category with 14 laps. ‘Going Strong’ won the teams’ category with 17 laps. 
A promising debut for this tough, 12-hour endurance event.
Photo courtesy of Charles Larsson.