10 Dec

Shropshire Runners Await Break Of Dawn

Sunrise to Sunset ChallengeWhile December 27, for most of us, will involve turkey sandwiches and finishing off the last of the selection boxes, runners in Shropshire will be preparing for a grueling test of endurance at the Sunrise to Sunset Challenge.

In what will be the event’s 7th year, competitors will be required to run between the hours of sunrise (8:20) and sunset (16:01). Leading runners will generally cover anywhere between 35-45 miles, with a prize also awarded to the final competitor still running, who will be bestowed the title of ‘Last Man Standing.’

Organised by How Hard Can It Be Events, the race follows a 0.84 mile route around country lanes and tracks in Lightmoor, Telford. Throughout the allotted time, the aim is for runners to complete as many laps as possible and cover the furthest distance they can.

Entries for the race are now closed, although information on other races in the How Hard Can It Be portfolio is available here. These include the Groundhog Marathon, The Shin Dig in the Shire and the Railway Ultra.