19 Nov

Bangkok Runners Go The Extra Mile(s)

Start of half marathonThere has been, over the years, a number of occasions in which the length of a race has been accidently extended, be it due to a misplaced cone or measurement error. While this is usually to the tune of a few hundred metres to a kilometre, runners at Sunday’s Bangkok Half Marathon were left with the task of tackling four additional miles.

A ‘technical error’ added just over 1.8 miles to the two-lap course, resulting in a final course of almost 17 miles. A recent post on the official website read: "The committee of the 28th Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon would like to express our sincere apology for the mistake of the half marathon…which made the route longer than standard."

Keep on goingTo appease runners, organisers have promised to provide a unique t-shirt for their extra efforts: "We do recognise your spirits that you overcome the obstacles and complete 27.6k. To express our apology and to honor all of you, the half marathon runners, we will send 27.6k Finisher t-shirt."

As you would expect, a number of runners took to the event's Facebook page to express their disappointment at the poor organisaiton. One competitor, however, outlined a slightly different angle on the additional mileage: "They increased the price this year, so you get more kilometres for your money.”