11 May

Way Wins At Cambridge

Way wins 2016 Wings for Life Run in CambridgeBritish long distance runner Steve Way showed his fleetness of foot with a victory in the Wings for Life World Run. This success follows an outstanding performance in the VLM London Marathon and a win at Milton Keynes Half Marathon. 

At 11:00am on Sunday 8 May, runners from 34 countries all started together with the UK event held at Cambridge, a change from last year’s venue at Silverstone. 
The Wings for Life World Run is unique in that it is the only race where the participants run away from the finish line!  It starts at a co-ordinated universal time (UTC) with all runners taking part in what is effectively, the same race. A celebrity-driven ‘Catcher Car’ starts 30 minutes behind them and gradually increases speed throughout the race with runners aiming to stay ahead of it. Each time it passes a runner that person drops out with the last man (and woman) in the race declared the winner. This event is open to runners, wheelchair athletes and walkers and fundraises for the Spinal Cord Research Foundation. 
Garmin ambassador and ultramarathoner Steve Way was a strong favourite for the title and went into the race in a confident state of mind. Things went according to plan until the last 13 miles when the heat started to take its toll. He battled on in spite of a side stitch and cramp, reaching 63.75km (39.62 miles) in 4:17:15 before the Catcher Car, driven by David Coulthard, caught him. This win also placed him 16th globally. The UK’s fastest lady was Olympic marathon runner Caitriona Jennings who completed 55.08km (34 miles) in 3:52. 
The UK leg attracted 2,500 runners of all ages and backgrounds, united in their love of running whilst raising funds for a worthy cause.
Next year’s Wings for Life World Run takes place on  7 May 2017. Sign up via their website. 
Photo courtesy of Paul Grace Photography.