Half Marathon Training Schedule

To successfully complete a half marathon, you should first of all have run a 10k and have that as a basis for preparing for the longer distance.

Running a 10k will have meant building up your training over a 10 or 12 week period to probably 3 runs a week and around 20 miles. With that as a basis, you are in a good position to follow our 12 week programme which starts at a weekly mileage of 20 and progresses to 39 at week 10 before two weeks of consolidation.

Note that week 6 is a consolidation week - mileage drops from 30 to 24 but back to 30 on week 7.

Half Marathon Training Schedule

The four key elements of our half marathon training plan are:

  1. The Steady Run

    Run at around half marathon race pace (if you expected to run the half in 2 hours, then around 9 minute miles)

  2. The Long Run

    Run much slower than half marathon pace (if you expected to run the half in 2 hours, then not much quicker than 10 minute miles)

  3. The Interval Session

    Introduces variety, quality and hard work into your programme and should be progressive (sessions could be Fartlek, 800m reps, Magic Miles). See article 'Need For Speed'

  4. The Recovery Run

    An important component, let's you relax after hard sessions (both physically and mentally) and can also allow you to concentrate on stretching

What Else?

Cross-training can include swimming, cycling, yoga or, relatively easy to do, an 'at home' stretching session.