22 Jan

Run To The Hills

Two runners in the hills

Since the turn of the year, I have found my interest drawn back to the world of fell running. Of course, the catalyst for this has been Richard Askwith’s remarkable Feet in the Clouds, the definitive read for the sport.

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18 Jan

Stockholm offers a dramatic route to marathon success

runners at Stockholm Marathon

Stockholm with 17,000 entrants might not be the biggest of international marathons but it ranks right up there with the best of them. The late May date means the city is enjoying 20 hours of daylight so huge Nordic skies combine with Stockholm's dramatic archipelago setting to create a very special running occasion.

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9 Jan

2020 Visions

Brigid Kosgei

After a year that saw the emphatic pushing of the reset button for marathon running, what will 2020 bring? It’s an Olympic year and running events will feature strongly as the blue riband occasions of the Tokyo Games.

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17 Dec

Cool Runnings

runner in the snow

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Who doesn’t love the sprinkling of some snowflakes and a brilliant white outlook on Christmas morning? Most of us probably have an Uncle Scrooge who immediately springs to mind. But for the rest of us, it’s the perfect decoration for the season.

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21 Nov

My Christmas List

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly

Time to start making those Christmas hints over what you want to see in your stockings this year (writes Chris Broadbent). And as a runner, its inevitable there will be family and friends who will be thinking over what running-related gift they can surprise you with. And, assuming they are non-runners, it’s inevitable they will get it wholly wrong.

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13 Nov

Marcothon to save our sanity in December 2019

Marcothon runners in branded T-shirts

Marcothon has been a favourite running challenge since 2009 when Marco Consani's wife Debbie (the pair are top class ultra runners) coined the term to define the 31-stage 'run every day' test in December. Since then what was essentially a homemade concept, to help sustain motivation during the darkest month, has become an international phenomenon.

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6 Nov

Running For Government?

Foot and ankle shot of runner with full shadow in puddle

The starting gun has been fired (again!) for another General Election. While we will have to get used to them getting on their (metaphorical) soapboxes in the coming months, let’s hope we don’t have to witness too many of them engineering a PR opportunity in their running kit.

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