13 Nov

Marcothon to save our sanity in December 2019

Marcothon runners in branded T-shirts

Marcothon has been a favourite running challenge since 2009 when Marco Consani's wife Debbie (the pair are top class ultra runners) coined the term to define the 31-stage 'run every day' test in December. Since then what was essentially a homemade concept, to help sustain motivation during the darkest month, has become an international phenomenon.

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6 Nov

Running For Government?

Foot and ankle shot of runner with full shadow in puddle

The starting gun has been fired (again!) for another General Election. While we will have to get used to them getting on their (metaphorical) soapboxes in the coming months, let’s hope we don’t have to witness too many of them engineering a PR opportunity in their running kit.

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18 Sep

In a bad mood – go for a run with your dog

People running with dogs

A study undertaken by the University of Chichester found that running with a dog can enhance the energising effects of exercise. The research undertaken with grain-free pet food brand, Canagan, suggests exercising with a dog will significantly increase feelings of stamina and most of all, vigour - compared to going it alone. The mood data also showed that negative mood states like depression, anger and fatigue decreased following all runs.

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5 Sep

Limassol Marathon now a World Marathon Majors age group ranking event

Runners at the start of Limassol Marathon

The organisers of Limassol Marathon have announced that their event will be part of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings. The event – officially the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO – has been confirmed as a qualifying race for the World Marathon Majors age group championships in 2021.

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