9 Sep

10 Golden Running Rules

Alan NewmanAs coach at Paddock Wood Athletic Club, Alan Newman knows a thing or two about how to maximise your running potential. He’s compiled the following 10 Golden Rules for runners. 

1. Establish the running habit – make running your friend.

2. Keep a training diary – review and adjust your schedule.

3. Listen to your body – know when it's time to take a rest (it's when the recovery and regeneration takes place).

4. One day per mile raced – before you run hard again (or run the risk of injury or over training syndrome).

5. Increase mileage/load by no more than 10% per month (or run the risk of injury or over training syndrome).

6. Respect the elements – weather, course, terrain, etc.

7. Dress to impress – get the right gear and use it.

8. Vary your routine – remember, if you train the same, you stay the same. 

9. Don’t be slave to a schedule – be flexible and resourceful.

10. Train with a purpose – set realistic goals, be satisfied with your achievements, don’t become a running bore! 

Above all enjoy your running…