8 Jan

All About That Base

CraftFinding the right base layer is crucial for winter training. Certain baselayers can be restrictive or leave you feeling sweaty. Craft's Be Active Performance Base Layer, which combines two hi-tech fibres into one functional base layer, promises to keep you dry while allowing you to move freely.

The first thing I noticed is how soft the fabric was on my skin, especially compared to lycra alternatives I’ve tried in the past. This base layer feels more like knitwear than running gear. It also stays fitted to your body, both trapping your body heat while helping regulate your temperature.

As it's lycra-free the fitting isn't restrictive and the flatlock seams allow you to move your upper body with ease. The base layer is ideal for cool to cold environments, so works in the depths of winter and on chilly days when you just need a bit of insulation.

Thanks to its quick-dry effect, I didn't feel the urge to strip off my sweaty base layer immediately after finishing my run. Because, despite my exertions, it wasn't sweaty. The top is also designed so that it won't wear out or lose its elasticity.

Overall, I found the base layer a valuable addition to my running wardrobe, and without it I wouldn't have successfully completed Marcothon in December.

For more information, or to purchase the base layer, visit the Craft website.