28 May

First Steps With Christine

Christine Appel

The launch edition of runABC introduced 'First Steps With Christine', a guide to getting started in running. Christine Appel set out a 6 week 'ultra beginners' programme and advised just a little running amid a lot of walking.

Have you been following Christine's programme? Need advice or words of encouragement along the way?

Christine will be answering questions on Friday 29 May after 2.00pm so get in touch - post your questions in the comments section below.

Beginners Wk 1-6 Programme


  1. Julia said...

    Hello! I am looking to get into running but haven't done much before. Bit embarrassed to join a group as I'll be out of breath in 5 mins! How can I get started?

  2. Christine Appel said...

    Hi Julia!

    I'm very happy to hear that you'd like to start running. Joining a beginners' group really is the best way to get started. There's no need to feel embarrassed, whatever your current level of fitness is: everyone signing up will be in the same boat! 'Learn to Run' and Couch to 5k/'C25k' programmes really do work. They're tried and tested and specifically designed to get people going from a standing start. As the weeks progress, you'll find that your group will provide you with encouragement, structure and a constant supply of running buddies to help you on your way. If you really can't face joining a group at the moment, or there isn't one that suits you, follow our beginners' plan and build your time up running gradually. You might even like to follow our plan for a few weeks, and then join a group once you've built up your confidence. Good luck!


  3. Julia said...

    Thanks Christine! Will have a look for some local groups and will maybe give the beginners' plan a go!