21 Oct

Start Your Own Blog

BlogWant to tell the world about your running adventures? Why not start your own blog, it’s easier than you think and RunABC has put together a simple how-to guide to help get you started …

Have you ever wanted to share your running experiences with others? Do you enjoy writing or are you just looking to start a running diary to help keep you motivated? Increasingly more runners are starting their own running themed blogs to record their PBs, share running tips and healthy recipes, review running gear and even upload their running selfies. Some blogs have grown so popular that they have had books published and become information hubs for runners worldwide. Whatever your motive for starting a blog, we think it’s a great way to feel more connected with your running experiences. 
Choose A Blog Site
Free blogging websites like Wordpress and Blogspot are perfect for getting started on your new blog. They also have apps so you can upload posts from your phone.
Beginners may prefer Blogspot for its easy navigation and simple layout – you can also customise your blog with different colour schemes or upload your own background and cover. Our featured blogger Lazygirlrunning started its humble beginnings on Blogspot before making the transition to its own .com domain. For those who like a bit of flair, Wordpress has a treasure chest of different themes (many of which are free) that will change the whole look and feel of your blog from simple themes such as Minnow, Twenty Fifteen or the effortless Wu Wei to more snazzy themes like Intergalactic, Oxygen and the ‘charming, hitchcockian typeface’ Vertigo. Wordpress also gives you the option to pay for a domain name without Wordpress in the URL, should you decide to take your blog a step further.
Think Up A Name
This is the fun/agonising part! You can choose to spend hours thinking up a catchy, puntastic blog name like Tri To Be Funny and RunDMT or you can just go for does-what-it-says-on-the-tin simple name such as Old Man Running or My First 5K. Remember you can always change your blog name through the settings option later, like Marcia’s Healthy Slice, the blog formerly known as Running Off At The Mouth.
Start Writing!
There is nothing complicated about blogging: just write!  It’s an easy way to share your thoughts with like-minded people all over the world.  Don’t worry about keeping it professional; it’s better to be yourself.  The best posts to read are personal journeys.  If you want to keep it just for specific friends and family you can also set your blog to private.
It can be hard to keep up with your blog so pick a day of the week or time of day that you always upload a post so that you can work it into your weekly routine and get yourself into the habit of updating your blog on a regular basis. Your readers will appreciate it and you will become a pro blogger in no time – success stories like Lazygirlrunning are proof!’
Blogger’s Toolkit 
Key terms you should know 
Tags: Use keywords to tag your posts so people can find them;
RSS Feed: Similar to a subscription, RSS feeds allow readers to receive any blog updates to their Reader;
Categories: Add headings to your blog to categorise posts (eg marathons, nutrition);
Post: Common blog entries that can have tags and be put into categories and displayed on RSS feeds.
Pages: Add static page (eg About Me);
Themes: Site customisation – including colour, font and general style of your blog.